New Trendy Dessert Franchise Off to Great Start: Sets Eyes on the Houston market for Rapid Growth Trendy dessert concept is the creation of long time entrepreneur, who wants to take the concept nationwide, starting in her backyard.

The Dough Dough opened its first location in Dallas this year and due to its success has plans for expansion in the Houston market through franchising.

Brand research showed target demographics align The Dough Dough with Houston’s population, including a growing number of families with an average household income of $125,000 or higher, and the city’s close proximity to the franchise’s first location has already reinforced brand recognition pre-launch.

Owner, Gina Ginsburg has had many successes in the Dallas market in her career and would like to expand her successes through franchising The Dough Dough. She has her eyes set on her backyard in Texas major markets: Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. “There has been interest nationwide, but our main focus right now is the Texas market, specifically building out the Houston market”, said Ginsburg. Many Houston area residents may already be familiar with its owner, Gina Ginsburg, whose past experience includes Dallas based business success of her blow-dry salon and stationary card business, her many hobbies have taken her statewide.

The Dough Dough works best in communities with demographics that meet qualifying population and household requirements within a 3 mile, including an average household income of $125,000-$350,000. It’s overall target market is between ages 4-45 years; moms, school kids and young adults.

The Dough Dough is a fun concept that has seen many successes already and has spotted opportunity to franchise in the Houston market. They offer a trendy concept that has a low start up, pre negotiated best prices on some ingredients and consistency throughout the brand on a new dessert category.

“Texas major markets has communities with demographics to support the model. As we begin to franchise we want to start in our backyard and provide the support needed for success. There are many communities in the Houston area that can support these demographics and that’s why we are starting here.” said Ginsburg.

Investment in The Dough Dough requires a one unit commitment. The net worth requirement is $750,000, with liquid cash of $300,000 per unit. The total investment range is between $375,000 – $450,000.

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