Check out what our fans are saying:

“I am having the worst night. My kids brought home some Dough Dough.  Magically everything is better now.”  -Lisa G.

“It is so good that it can’t be enjoyed responsibly.” Jeb S.

“Oh my Gosh, everyone was obsessed.  Nobody even touched the Sprinkles Cupcakes, but everyone picked up the Dough Dough.  Dogs loved it too!  I ate so much…I need a dough time out for the moment.”  –Kameron Westcott, Real Housewives of Dallas

Hi Dough Dough, I bought some of your doggie cookie dough and my dog Loves it!!  It is so funny how excited he gets.  Took a video and thought I would share it with you.  Hope your business is doing well.  We come often. – Cathy

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