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A girl from Minnesota lands in Dallas, bringing a trendy dessert concept to markets everywhere. Gina Ginsburg, the brain behind this trendy new dessert concept, explains how she came into this concept.

Let’s start with the basics. Where are you from?
I was raised in the Twin Cities area before my parents divorced, I spent a few years in the Denver area before landing in Dallas with my mother, who had a career in banking. I was raised by a hard working, single mother. My father who is still in Minnesota is also an entrepreneur and has been a lifelong business owner.

What was the younger you like?
I started in modeling at a young age, but I always knew I wanted to be in business. I graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2001. I spent some time in advertising and as a paralegal, but I eventually made my way to Entrepreneurship.

Why The Dough Dough?
The idea actually started at home. My boys and I make fresh cookies weekly and like to tinker with our own ingredients to come up with clever recipes.  Most of the recipes we use are family recipes that were handed down by my great-grandmother and grandmother. As a child, I would help my grandmother bake cookies and be rewarded by eating the cookie dough! I knew from my travels and my own sweet tooth, this dessert concept was gaining popularity and I wanted to be on the front end of it.

What was your first business venture?
It was called Diamond Affairs, a stationery business- we were in the Dallas Uptown area. It was by appointment only. We dealt mostly with high-end brides, and I worked with a lot of coordinators and others in wedding industry. Most of my clients were by referral only. We were a concierge for paper products and took care of everything on suite from addressing envelopes to invitations, stationery, menu and program creation. We also took care of all of the calligraphy and printing.

What other business ventures have you worked on?
I founded a blow-dry salon with two locations in the DFW area, The Hair Bar.  I sold the business in September 2017.

What are your hobbies?
I like to stay busy, and fit- so I have a lot of things I am interested in. I earned a Certificate in Physical Training and Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology from the Cooper Institute in Dallas in 2015, and I am currently pursuing a Graduate Degree in Gemology with the Gemological Institute of America. I am also a certified commercial jet pilot. I had this fear of flying.  So for me, it was all about educating myself on aerodynamics and how the airplane operates.  Once I understood how it worked and was able to fly on my own, that fear went away. I still enjoy take-offs and landings, even though I am not PIC (Pilot in Command). I loved the rush and the sense of freedom that I had when I was in the air.

Why should people visit The Dough Dough?
The Dough Dough is the trendy dessert option for everyone. It is safe to eat raw cookie dough, using specialized ingredients. We produce 12 flavors of cookie dough daily, in small batches. All goods are produced in house, including limited baked goods and seasonal desserts focused around our doughs.  Ice cream dough-wiches, cupcakes, Brookies, cookies, Dough’reos and seasonal desserts are available. You can enjoy custom mix-ins for either dough or ice cream. The grab and go refrigerator keeps customers stocked for at home eating or baking. Alll of our dough is bakeable, but recommended to eat “as is”.  Cookies baked are flat and crispier because we don’t use the yolk.

Is the dough safe to eat?
Yes, it is! We use pasteurized egg whites and heat treated flour to kill any potential bacteria or harmful pathogens, this is how we make it safer to consume raw.  Our dough contains pasteurized egg whites which reduces the chance of salmonella or other food borne illnesses. We use a special heat-treated, ready-to-eat flour to ensure our flour is the safest on the market to eat raw. There is little chance for food-borne illness, reducing any fears about eating our raw flour products.

How can everyone enjoy The Dough Dough?
Anyone can visit our website and order our product, we are shipping nationwide. All orders are shipped overnight on ice in an insulated container to ensure the quality is not compromised in transit.

What’s next for The Dough Dough?
We are now franchising our concept, and have been getting interest from many cities in the US. Our initial development marketing efforts focus on the Texas market, particularly the Houston market. We are actively seeking markets where the average household income is higher than $125,000, we have more specifications on demographics and buildout available. The Dough Dough is a trendy, new concept and we would like to bring it to all major markets.

What types of franchisees are you looking for?
We would like to work with a franchisee who is wanting to develop a market and open more than one location. The type of franchisee that we are looking for has business experience, meets our financial requirements of $750,000 in net worth and at least $300,000 liquid per unit to invest.  Our franchisee should be integrated into the community, someone that will connect to the schools and other local events. Our first location has had a lot of business from the bi-monthly deliveries to schools which has proven to be a successful model to follow. We are looking for franchisees that will reach outside of the four walls. We have been getting interest from many females that have that connection to the community through their family. That would be a perfect fit for this concept.

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