Growing up Gina Farmer’s fondest memories were in the kitchen baking cookies with her grandmother. Her favorite part? Eating the raw batter from the bowl at the end.  Thanks to her new business venture, The Dough Dough, Farmer gets to recreate those memories with the first edible cookie dough and dough confection establishment in the DFW area. Safe to eat raw, the cookie dough -inspired desserts make this a must try place for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The diverse menu at The Dough Dough is sure to please adults and kids alike, thanks to insight from the pickiest of taste testers: Farmer’s two sons, William and Jonny.  Childhood favorites such as chocolate chip and sugar cookie, also available gluten free, are stars in a lineup of twelve everyday flavors, with an additional 12 rotated in seasonally. Additional flavorful options include The Unicorn, a cake batter with sprinkles, semi-sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, and sprinkles. 

Nutella Wipe Out with sugar cookie dough and Nutella swirl; and Peanut Buddy, peanut butter dough mixed with  chocolate chips, Reeses Peanut Butter cups and chopped up Nutty Buddy pieces.  Guests can also use their imagination to create custom flavor combinations, including a ice cream mix in station for toppings, or cookie dough. Other treats like cookie dough bites and Brookies, bars of the day and cookies round out the menu. 

“This is my sweetest venture yet,” said Farmer. “We’ve been watching the dough trend take flight in major cities like New York City and Los Angeles, and I  knew I had to bring it to DFW and leave my tasteful mark on the industry. I love being able to blend my family memories and recipes – like my great grandmother’s Sugar Cookie recipe and grandmother’s Monster cookie recipe – and incorporate them into a business that’s safe to eat raw with pasteurized egg whites and heat treated flour.”

Farmer, an SMU graduate, is a serial entrepreneur with plans to take The Dough Dough national through franchising.  Always having a knack for business, she sold her first enterprise at the young age of 24. Most recently, Farmer founded and owned The Hair Bar at Preston Royal Shopping Center and Southlake Town Square.  She also possesses a philanthropic spirit that has been invaluable in her Board service to several organizations like the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the AT&T Center for the Performing Arts. This background of business and philanthropy are the perfect mixture for success with The Dough Dough.

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