Nutritional Info

We strive to use only the best ingredients and source them from local suppliers when able.  All of our dough mix-ins are your favorites brands.  Many people ask how many calories are in each 3 oz serving.  This serving size is the same as eating a cookie.  While they all vary- a good rule of thumb is about 300-400 calories.  Naked is 300, Chocolate Chip falls in the middle, and our more indulgent flavors like Birthday Party and Peanut Buddy are near 400 calories per serving.  We have most of our dough and baked goods nutritional information on hand at the store, just ask!  If you have a specific question about a specific flavor, please send an email to :

Original C
Chocolate Chip

Birthday Party

Lady in Red

The Junkyard

Sugar Cookie Cutter

Snickerdoodle Doo

S'more Please

Peanut Buddy

Nutella Wipe Out

Cookies n' Cream

Brownie Batter Up


Candy Cane

Choco Patty


Jimmy Buffet Key Lime

Pumpkin Spice

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